Web Design, Booking Funnels, Reputation Management, Client Nurturing, and Local Marketing... delivered with a white glove service!

It All Starts & Ends With The


Individually each element enhances your business.

Everything together… you have a Lamborghini at full speed!

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You'll outshine your competitors enabling you to secure MORE immediate revenue and schedule additional appointments.

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Your website will undergo a system reboot, making it lightning-fast and search-engine-friendly... as friendly as a cute dog in the park enthusiastically licking your face.

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Your expanding business will benefit from a steady flow of glowing 5-star reviews from satisfied customers through an automated process, boosting your credibility score.

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Unleash your inner rockstar and soar to new heights when your localized content marketing engine is firing on all cylinders, propelling you to the pinnacle of search results.

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Bid farewell to manual follow-ups and welcome an automated rapport-building system with meticulously crafted emails that cultivate trust and forge genuine connections.

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Kick back and unwind as our expert team installs your Signature Profit System, allowing you to concentrate on your strengths... delivering exceptional results to your clients.

Feeling the struggle to draw in fresh clients for your business?

Is your website falling short in driving local organic traffic to expand your brand?

Are you frustrated by the lack of reviews?

Rest assured, you're not the only one facing these challenges.

It's common knowledge that a business will struggle without a consistent stream of new customers.

In today's economic landscape, the odds may seem stacked against you.

However, the silver lining is that there's a tried-and-tested, reliable method to acquire new clients... and streamline the entire process.

It's Called The


Let's break down the Signature Profit System... or SPS for short.


booking funnel desktop
booking funnel mobile

A booking funnel solves 3 main problems for service-based businesses...

  • creates massive value for each of your services. (your website is bad at this)
  • answers questions without people calling your office.
  • collects upfront payments while filling up your calendar.

You know how valuable your services are... but your customers don't. Since your website doesn't create value, your staff is responsible for selling over the phone... which isn't their expertise.

No matter how good your team is, that's a recipe for failure.

A booking funnel strategically creates so much value in selling your services a new customer will feel stupid saying no to your price.

As a bonus, your new booking funnel is now your best sales rep, delivering the same message with the same tone 24/7...

... never complaining.

... never taking a break.

... never calling out sick.

... never going away on a vacation.

You've added an A+ player without any extra overhead.

To learn more about our proprietary booking funnel, we'd love to talk to you about it.


sps website desktop
sps website mobile

Ensuring that your website is search engine-friendly is absolutely essential. The initial key is giving high importance to quick page loading times. Speedy sites get praise, while sluggish ones get a thumbs down.

Experience the blazing speed by having your new site created on WordPress, the platform behind more than 40% of all websites. Your web pages will load quicker than you can say "click."

With our Signature Profit System (SPS), we utilize a unique WordPress version that operates in a self-contained environment, ensuring optimal performance.

This translates to you never having to stress about technical issues or website malfunctions... because we handle all that for you.

Your SPS website will be fine-tuned for SEO, boosting your visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Your SPS website doesn't sacrifice customization and functionality, even within its enclosed environment.

While other platforms may restrict you, with our system, you have the flexibility to create flawless designs that are only bound by your own creativity when it comes to revamping or enhancing your site.

On the technical end, the possibilities are endless. You can craft countless pages, sales funnels, blog posts, courses, membership sections, and more to expand your business in various directions.

It's common for businesses to sell their books and online courses, generate email lists through ebooks, and much more using our system.

Point is... your website is scalable

Your SPS website will be fully optimized for mobile devices. About half of all internet traffic comes from mobile users.

When it comes to design, optimizing for mobile requires a different approach compared to desktop. With our customized WordPress version, we have the capability to tailor designs specifically for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

(Note: Our packages recreate your current website as a carbon copy... a 'reboot' as mentioned before. If you decide to refresh or redesign your website, let us know and we'll quote you a price.)


google my business flow chart desktop
google my business flow chart mobile

It's all about being found online... but with a unique approach.

You might have set up a Google My Business page in the past - that's a good start. But the key is to have it optimized effectively. There's a specific method to get it right.

(Note: if you don't have a GMB page yet, we'll make sure it's done perfectly from the get-go.)

Having a Google My Business profile offers three main advantages: improving online visibility, building trust and credibility, and interacting with your customers.

Google My Business profiles are prominently displayed in search results, making it easy for customers to share their reviews and feedback.

Great feedback and top ratings not only boost your online reputation, but also help build trust and credibility.

Through your Google My Business page, you have the opportunity to engage with patient reviews, address inquiries, and share vital updates regarding your practice.

The key is generating a wave of 5-star reviews from your clients, and our unique approach sets us apart.

The Signature Profit System employs a reliable method to encourage each and every customer to leave you a positive review... provided it's merited.

This involves coordination between your system and third-party software, a result of extensive trial and refinement over the years.

And it's all automated...

Once your setup is optimized, reviews will flow in swiftly, resembling an electric meter spinning out of control.

Keep in mind, prospective patients are inclined to select a business who has a robust and positive online reputation.

Nurturing, safeguarding, and managing your online image plays a significant role in booking up your schedule.


content marketing flowchart desktop
content marketing flowchart mobile

Crafting tailored content for your local audience is the key to standing out among your peers.

If 2020, or the current economic climate, has taught you anything, it's that complacency is not an option, even if you are satisfied with your current performance. One unfortunate incident could potentially jeopardize your business operations.

Committing to a comprehensive content marketing strategy will continue to pay off for many years to come.

The process is quite straightforward...

Every month, you will receive four long-form, top-notch articles tailored to specific keywords. Each article is crafted using a proven SEO framework that is regularly updated to reflect the latest best practices.

Your content will be customized to showcase your business and target your local area, helping you rank for specific keywords even if your website is newly established.

Localized Content Is Cost Effective For Paid Marketing Too...

With engaging content that tackles real issues... targeted specifically to your local community... your expenses for advertising will decrease significantly if you choose to invest in paid promotions.

To put it simply, your consistent content can become a top-notch sales force for your brand. It’s that impactful.

To be even more straightforward, the main concern often revolves around the time it takes to see results from content marketing... and let’s face it, we live in an instant gratification society where everyone wants quick outcomes! We totally get it.

The reality is, time passes quickly. Hasn’t this year flown by? And the previous one? When you kick off today with a tried-and-true content marketing strategy, a year from now you’ll be grateful you did.


Client email nurturing flow chart desktop
Client email nurturing flow chart mobile

Many companies lack an automated method to establish connections... and it's hurting their bottom line. Don't fall into the same trap.

Customers prefer to engage with brands they trust and connect with. Your mission is to engage in authentic dialogues with each potential customer. Keep in mind, it usually takes 7 or more interactions for someone to make a move.

However, you might think you are short on time or resources... or worry about being too pushy... or struggle to come up with fresh content ideas. No worries, we’ve got your back.

The Signature Profit System (SPS) client nurturing service is a TESTED 30-day email series with a single objective... to establish trust with you and your brand.

The entire system is ready to go and is completely automated. The only task you or your team will handle is responding to delighted individuals who interact with your content.

You will select 20 content themes from a collection of business topics. Each email will be crafted in a conversational style, as if you're chatting with your closest pal.

Each email will concentrate on delivering value... plain and simple. The more you offer without expecting anything in return, the more you'll gain. (hint: the principle of reciprocity psychology at play)

This system creates real fans...

The SPS nurturing system also takes care of removing contacts who don't engage with your emails. Keeping your subscriber list tidy is crucial. It's more beneficial to have 1000 engaged followers than 100,000 inactive individuals.

Each new lead will receive a consistent experience, which improves over time with data-driven tweaks.

(Note: Your first 1000 leads are covered in your package. If/when you exceed this total... which is GREAT... your package goes up $100/mo allowing up to 5000 leads.)


sps booking funnel map

Click here to get a copy of the chart above. No email required.

Everything kicks off with acquiring a new lead. Without that, the system won't function.

All strategies for generating traffic... particularly content marketing... ultimately guide prospects to your appointment booking pathway. That's where all the magic unfolds.

The Signature Profit System will serve as the personal concierge for every lead you acquire... without the need to hire extra staff or acquire new skills.

As long as you keep feeding the machine with new leads, your calendar will have no other option but to fill up... and fast.

Hear what Dr. Mike from HB Chiropractic Has To Say About Working With Gerek and iTech Valet...

dr michael vanderschelden chiropractor



$99 /mo(1)
  • Proprietary Appointment Booking Funnel ($997 Value)
  • Migrate to Lightning-Fast SEO-Friendly Website** ($2997 Value)
  • Google My Business Profile Audit & Optimization ($497 Value)
  • Done For You White Glove Service (PRICELESS)
  • Website Hosting & Tech Support Included ($1188)
  • TOTAL VALUE = $5679
  • One-time $500 Setup Fee(3)
  • Good for 1 Website, 1 Location(4)


$597 /mo(1)
  • Proprietary Appointment Booking Funnel ($997 Value)
  • Migrate to Lightning-Fast SEO-Friendly Website** ($2997 Value)
  • Google My Business Profile Audit & Optimization ($497 Value)
  • Done For You White Glove Service (PRICELESS)
  • Website Hosting & Tech Support Included ($1188)
  • Client Nurturing Service*(2) ($3597 Value)
  • 5-Star Review Acquisitions ($3240 Value)
  • Business Directory Listings ($360 Value)
  • Monthly Report Card ($597 Value)
  • 50% OFF Hourly Work Rate (Now $100/hr $200/hr)
  • TOTAL VALUE = $13,473
  • One-time $2000 Setup Fee(3)
  • Good for 1 Website, 1 Location(4)


$1797 /mo(1)
  • Proprietary Appointment Booking Funnel ($997 Value)
  • Migrate to Lightning-Fast SEO-Friendly Website** ($2997 Value)
  • Google My Business Profile Audit & Optimization ($497 Value)
  • Done For You White Glove Service (PRICELESS)
  • Website Hosting & Tech Support Included ($1188 Value)
  • Client Nurturing Service(2) ($3597 Value)
  • 5-Star Review Acquisitions ($3240 Value)
  • Business Directory Listings ($360 Value)
  • Monthly Report Card ($597 Value)
  • 50% OFF Hourly Work Rate (Now $100/hr $200/hr)
  • Localized Content Marketing ($20,800 Value)
  • Targeted Keyword Research ($197 Value)
  • 1 Year Content Marketing Plan ($297 Value)
  • TOTAL VALUE = $34,767
  • One-time $2500 Setup Fee(3)
  • Good for 1 Website, 1 Location(4)

(1) 12-month contract required, month-to-month thereafter.
(2) Your first 1000 leads are included. Monthly service increases $100/mo more from 1001-5000 leads (which is a great problem to have)
(3) Set up Fee is charged immediately, 1st monthly payment starts 14 days later.
(4) Book a call if you have more than 1 location as special pricing may be required.


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