Chiropractors... Say Goodbye to Empty Appointment Slots!

The SIGNATURE PROFIT SYSTEM Floods You With New Patients, Skyrockets New 5-Star Reviews, And Makes You The 'Must See' Chiro

... Without Adding Extra Resources Or Time To Your Day

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Lightning-Fast SEO Friendly Website

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Proprietary Appointment Booking Funnel

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Automated Email Marketing System

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5-Star Review Acquisitions

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Localized Content Marketing

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Done For You White Glove Service

Are you struggling to attract new patients to your practice? Is your website failing to generate local organic traffic to grow your business? Are you tired of barely getting any reviews?

You're not alone.

It's no secret your business lives and dies by the amount of new patients you get every month.

Right now, the economy isn't your friend.

The good news is there's a proven and predictable way to get your calendar booked out months and months in advance... and automate the entire process.

It's Called The


For Chiropractors

The Signature Profit System... or SPS for short... has 6 core elements. Let's break each one down.

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You will crush your competition with our proprietary appointment booking funnel, getting you 1-3 EXTRA new patients per month... plus more upfront cash.

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Your chiropractic website will get a system reboot meaning it'll be lightning-fast and search-engine-friendly... like a cute dog in the park licking your face kind of friendly.

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Your growing practice will have a consistent stream of incoming 5-star reviews from happy clients using an automated process, growing your trust score in an honest and ethical manner.

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Become the rockstar you're destined to be when your localized content marketing machine runs at full speed, driving you to the top of the search results.

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Say goodbye to manual follow-ups and hello to an automated rapport-building system with carefully crafted emails that earn trust and establish meaningful connections.

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Sit back and relax and let our skilled team install your Signature Profit System while you focus on what you do best... providing amazing chiropractic care.

(Want more detailed info? Keep reading. If you'd rather discuss your situation with a specialist, click the 'Book A Call' button. If you're already excited and want to see the offer, click the 'SPS Pricing' button. This is a choose your own adventure.)


booking funnel desktop
booking funnel mobile

A new patient booking funnel solves these key problems...

  • adds additional new patients per month without increasing your monthly costs. (avg. 1-3/mo)
  • creates massive value for each of your chiropractic services. (think bundle deal)
  • overcomes objections your patients have without calling into your office.
  • gets more upfront cash while increasing new patient bookings.

The truth is you know how valuable your services are... but your customers don't. Your current website doesn't create value, putting the responsibility on your staff to sell over the phone... which isn't their expertise.

That's a recipe for disaster, no matter how seasoned your staff is.

A booking funnel uses proven formulas to create so much value that the price becomes irrelevant... making the decision a no-brainer.

Better yet, a booking funnel becomes your best sales rep, delivering the same message with the same tone 24/7...

... never needing a break, never calling out sick, and never taking a vacation. This gives you scalability without any extra overhead.

Now that you've created massive value, your potential new customers are going to have questions. Your current website doesn't answer them well.

Furthermore, your potential customers will not bother to call the office... they'll just move on to a competitor.

The simple way you overcome objections is with a comprehensive FAQs section... one that never stops growing.

The more TLC given to your FAQs, the more people will fill your calendar. We have a vault of common questions and will work with you to cover special items specific to your business.

The final benefit of a strategic booking funnel is collecting more upfront cash.

Can you say cha-ching?

Each step of the funnel uses carefully crafted messaging, tapping into human psychology... making your new customers feel understood.

Making a payment won't be an obstacle... it'll be natural with no hesitation. You'll have more appointments booked... PAID IN FULL... and less cancellations as people show up for things they've paid for.

Your staff will spend less time chasing money, and more time providing high-quality service.


sps website desktop
sps website mobile

Having your website be search-engine friendly is crucial. The first step is prioritizing fast page load speeds. You get rewarded for being fast and penalized for being slow.

You get lightning-fast performance having your rebooted site built on WordPress... which powers over 40% of all websites. Your pages will load faster than reading this sentence.

Your SPS uses a special version of WordPress... a closed ecosystem that protects its performance.

This means you'll never worry about your site breaking down or dealing with the tech... as that's covered for you.

Your SPS website will be optimized for search engine optimization... making you more visible to Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. for local searches.

When it comes to customization and functionality, your SPS website isn't handcuffed, even with a closed ecosystem.

Many website platforms are limited, but you'll have pixel-perfect design capabilities only limited by your imagination... should you decide to refresh or update your website.

On the techy side, you can create unlimited pages, sales funnels, blog posts, courses, membership areas, and more... if you decide to grow your practice in different areas.

Some chiropractors sell their books and digital courses, build email lists with ebooks, etc.

Point is... your website is scalable

Finally, your SPS website will be mobile-optimized. Roughly 50% of all web traffic originates from mobile devices.

From a design perspective, optimizing your pages for mobile is strategically different than desktop. Our special version of WordPress allows us to design independently for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

(Note: Our packages recreate your current website as a carbon copy... a 'reboot' as mentioned before. If you decide to refresh or redesign your website, let us know and we'll quote you a price.)


google my business flow chart desktop
google my business flow chart mobile

Simply put, this is a Google My Business page and a way to get reviews... but with a twist.

You may already have a Google My Business page... and that's okay. Chances are it's not optimized correctly. There's a strategy to do this right. (note: if you don't have a GMB page, you'll get it done right the first time.)

There are 3 benefits to having a GMB profile... boosting online visibility, establishing trust and credibility, and engaging with your patients.

Google My Business profiles appear prominently in search results. Patients can easily leave reviews and feedback about their experience.

Positive reviews and high ratings enhance your online reputation while establishing trust and credibility.

With your GMB page, you can respond to patient reviews, answer questions, and provide important updates about your practice.

The secret sauce is getting a flood of 5-star reviews from your customers... the 'twist' is how we do it.

Your SPS will use a proven model to entice every single customer to leave you a glowing review... as long as it's warranted.

It's a combination of your infrastructure and 3rd-party software working together... built from years of trial and error.

And it's all automated...

When setup correctly, reviews will come in faster than an electric meter spinning out of control.

Remember, potential patients are more likely to choose a chiropractor with a strong and positive online presence.

Growing, protecting, and maintaining your online reputation is a big part of filling your calendar.


content marketing flowchart desktop
content marketing flowchart mobile

Localized content marketing is your golden ticket to rise above your fellow chiropractors.

If 2020 (or the current Biden economy) showed you anything, you can't stand pat even if you're happy with your numbers. You may be 1 bad event away from closing your doors.

Investing in a long-term content marketing strategy will pay you dividends for years... and years... and years to come.

How??? Simple...

Each month, you will get (4) long-form, high-quality, keyword-specific content articles. Each piece uses a proven SEO structure that's updated as best practices change.

Your content will be specific to your business AND your local area... ranking for keywords you can rank for... even if your site is brand new.

Localized Content Is Cost Effective For Paid Marketing Too...

With binge-worthy content that solves real problems... marketed to your local area... your advertising costs will be dramatically reduced, should you decide to do paid advertising.

To keep it real, your weekly content can become YOUR ARMY of A+ sales reps for your business. It's that powerful.

To keep it more real, the most common objection is content marketing takes time to see results... and we live in a microwave society where everyone wants everything NOW! We get it... we really do.

The truth is time flies. How fast has this year gone by? Or last year? When you start today with a proven content marketing plan, a year from now you'll be thanking us.


Client email nurturing flow chart desktop
Client email nurturing flow chart mobile

Most chiropractors don't have an automated system to build rapport... and it's costing them dearly. Don't make the same mistake.

People want to do business with those they like and trust. Your job is to have a genuine conversation with every new lead. Remember, it takes 7 or more touches for someone to take an action.

But you may feel you don't have the time or resources... or you don't want to feel overbearing... or you don't have enough content ideas. We got you covered.

Your SPS client nurturing service is a PROVEN 30-day email sequence with one goal... to build trust with you and your business.

The entire system is set up for you and is 100% automated. The only work you or your staff will do is reply to happy people who engage with your content.

You will choose 20 content topics from a library of chiropractic subjects. Each email will be written in a casual tone, as if you're talking to your best friend.

Every email will focus on providing value... that's it. The more you give with no expectation of anything in return, the more you'll receive. (hint: the psychology of reciprocity works)

This system creates real fans...

Your SPS nurturing system also automatically removes people who never open your emails. Part of the game is keeping your list clean. It's better to have 1000 fans than 100,000 freeloaders.

Every single lead that comes in will get the same experience, which only gets better over time with data-driven adjustments.

(Note: Your first 1000 leads are covered in your package. If/when you exceed this total... which is GREAT... your package goes up $100/mo allowing up to 5000 leads.)


SPS for Chiropractors Funnel Map

Click here to get a copy of the chart above. No email required.

Everything starts with getting a new lead. The system doesn't work otherwise.

All traffic generation methods... especially content marketing... lead directly to your appointment booking funnel. From there, all the magic happens.

Your Signature Profit System will be the personal concierge for every single lead you get... without hiring additional staff or learning new skills.

As long as you keep feeding the machine with new leads, your calendar will have no other option but to fill up... and fast.

Hear what Dr. Mike from HB Chiropractic Has To Say About The Signature Profit System For Chiropractors...

dr michael vanderschelden chiropractor



$99 /mo(1)
  • Proprietary Appointment Booking Funnel ($2497 Value)
  • Migrate to Lightning-Fast SEO-Friendly Website** ($1997 Value)
  • Google My Business Profile Audit & Optimization ($497 Value)
  • Done For You White Glove Service (PRICELESS)
  • New Patient Offer Package Creation / Optimization ($297 Value)
  • Website Hosting & Tech Support Included ($1188)
  • TOTAL VALUE = $6476
  • One-time $1500 Setup Fee(3)
  • Good for 1 Website, 1 Location(4)


$597 /mo(1)
  • Proprietary Appointment Booking Funnel ($2497 Value)
  • Migrate to Lightning-Fast SEO-Friendly Website** ($1997 Value)
  • Google My Business Profile Audit & Optimization ($497 Value)
  • Done For You White Glove Service (PRICELESS)
  • New Patient Offer Package Creation / Optimization ($297 Value)
  • Website Hosting & Tech Support Included ($1188)
  • Client Nurturing Service(2) ($3597 Value)
  • 5-Star Review Acquisitions ($3240 Value)
  • Business Directory Listings ($360 Value)
  • Monthly Report Card ($597 Value)
  • 50% OFF Hourly Work Rate (Now $100/hr $200/hr)
  • TOTAL VALUE = $14,270
  • One-time $2500 Setup Fee(3)
  • Good for 1 Website, 1 Location(4)


$1797 /mo(1)
  • Proprietary Appointment Booking Funnel ($2497 Value)
  • Migrate to Lightning-Fast SEO-Friendly Website** ($1997 Value)
  • Google My Business Profile Audit & Optimization ($497 Value)
  • Done For You White Glove Service (PRICELESS)
  • New Patient Offer Package Creation / Optimization ($297 Value)
  • Website Hosting & Tech Support Included ($1188 Value)
  • Client Nurturing Service(2) ($3597 Value)
  • 5-Star Review Acquisitions ($3240 Value)
  • Business Directory Listings ($360 Value)
  • Monthly Report Card ($597 Value)
  • 50% OFF Hourly Work Rate (Now $100/hr $200/hr)
  • Localized Content Marketing ($20,800 Value)
  • Targeted Keyword Research ($197 Value)
  • 1 Year Content Marketing Plan ($297 Value)
  • TOTAL VALUE = $35,564
  • One-time $3000 Setup Fee(3)
  • Good for 1 Website, 1 Location(4)

(1) 12-month contract required, month-to-month thereafter.
(2) Your first 1000 leads are included. Monthly service increases $100/mo more from 1001-5000 leads (which is a great problem to have)
(3) Set up Fee is charged immediately, 1st monthly payment starts 14 days later.
(4) Book a call if you have more than 1 location as special pricing may be required.


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